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Gambler ND is an informational website dedicated to raising awareness and stopping gambling addictions in North Dakota.


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GamblerND can help you find a variety of services including counseling, support groups, and an online course.


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Know the Signs


Secretive about gambling habits

You don’t feel the need to share your gambling habit. You will lie about the amount of money you may have lost, or the time spent gambling. Your goal is to let those around you know about your big wins, which seem to come less and less often.


Trouble controlling your gambling

When you are gambling, you are in a trance, and the rest of the world, including your friends and family, take a back seat to your gambling habit. Time slips by...and the amount of time you spend gambling increases. You are driven to gamble until you win back what you have lost.


Gambling when you don’t have the money

When the last dollar is gone, you look for more: in credit cards, money meant for other family expenses. You beg, borrow or even steal the necessary money to feed your gambling addiction. You invent lies to get money from your children or friends. But there is never enough.


Family & friends express concern

They are worried because you have changed. You were once a very reliable part of the family, now your time is taken up by gambling. They are worried because they think you are driven to gamble, and they are right. Like you, they do not have an answer for your gambling addiction.

Gambler Healing

Online Course

In this course, you will have access to an entire online workbook of the 12 steps that provide hours of self-reflection and educational materials to help you break free from your addiction. The course will pay dividends for weeks and years to come as you’re able to continually access and update the content.

  • Private and Confidential
  • Take at Your Own Pace
  • Access it Anywhere
  • Help Break Your Addiction

Success Stories

Sloan’s Story

Hi, my name is Sloan and I’m a compulsive gambler.  The first time I visited a casino was in September 2011 and I was instantly hooked. It did something to my mind that altered how I felt and it felt really good. I’ve always been a bit of a loner and I’ve struggled...

Randy’s Story

I had been actively gambling nearly all of my adult life, a period spanning more than 30 years. It started with some bets at the racetrack in my teen years, then progressed to active sports betting in my mid-20s. I can still remember the rush of excitement that went...

Derek’s Story

After 12 years of being a compulsive gambler and many attempts to quit, I made a call to Lutheran Social Services Gamblers Choice. At the age of 28, I was running two successful businesses and was a subcontractor for a large fast food franchise. When my personal life...

Andi’s Story

Nearly three years ago, I realized I had a problem. My gambling was out of control and I was spending money I didn’t have. For a long time, I didn’t see my gambling as a problem; everyone else gambled – why shouldn’t I? The gambling that used to occur once in a while...

Mike’s Story

When I initially started in GA, I had no idea where I was, wanted, felt or why I became the compulsive gambler. Many things in my life became unmanageable: relationships, finances, emotions. All I knew was that gambling allowed me to forgo all these responsibilities...