DVDs for Groups

12-Steps to Gambling Addiction Recovery

What’s included in the DVD?

  • Five 15-minute support group sessions for use in group or individual therapy.
  • Features real people, not actors, who have survived the chaos and pain of a gambling addiction.
  • 90 minutes of content unlocking the mystery surrounding gambling addiction and those experiencing recovery.
  • Q/A with renowned licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Stephen A. Timm.

A great resources for:

  • Counselors who work with individuals with cross addictions.
  • Mental health professionals working with inmates in a correctional setting.
  • Mental health professionals wanting further training on gambling addictions.

Gambling nearly ruined by life. This program that gave some structure to the
12 steps is the singled greatest factor that has affected my recovery. 

Watch Sample of Dr. Timm Q/A

Dr. Timm answers the question, “How valuable is the 12-step program?”
The DVD contains several more questions answered by Dr. Timm.