Lisa Vig Lisa Vig, LAC, NCGC, Director of Gamblers Choice & Gambling Counselor
BA Degree in Psychology
BA Degree in Religion/Philosophy
23 yrs. Gambling Counseling Experience
24 yrs. Licensed Addiction Counselor Experience
Dawn Cronin Dawn Cronin, LSW, NCGC, Gambling Counselor
BS Degree in Social Work
18 yrs, Gambling Counselor Experience
20 yrs. Licensed Social Worker
Lisa Voeller Lisa Voeller, LAC, NCGC, Supervisor & Gambling Counselor
BA Degree in Addiction Counseling
Supervisor and Gambling Counselor
13 yrs. Gambling Counselor Experience
Elliott Kabanuk Elliott Kabanuk, Bachelor of Arts Degree, CGC, Peer Mentor
Bachelor of Arts Degree in History & Russian
13 yrs. Peer Mentor Experience


Swain Benson, CGC, Peer Mentor
Juris Doctor
8 years Peer Mentor Experience


There are no forms to fill out. Call us to customize your training needs.  If you are looking for other aspects of training i.e. specific financial-bankruptcy information, we can refer or invite other colleagues with that expertise to participate in the events. Call us at 701-235-7341 or 1-877-702-7848 to request a speaker for your upcoming event.

Please make your request at least 30 days before your event date to ensure enough time to secure a speaker and plan the presentation.